Approximately five hectares of olive groves located in the historic Olivaia, one of the most fascinating areas of our territory are grown using organic farming methods. The olive trees are grown on green hills and stonewall terraces located between 200 and 300 metres above sea level and facing southeast. 1500 centuries-old plants of the Casaliva variety are our richness. The limestone soil give us oils with great aromas and unique features.

Organic cultivation

The protection of biodiversity and respect for the environment in which we live are our ideas for cultivating organically, a choice we have been pursuing since 2010. The land is fertilized with organic fertilizers and olive residues. The wild herbs, lawn weeds and cut roots are chopped and left on the field to enrich it and avoid the loss of water during summer. A sub-irrigation system allows us to carry out emergency irrigation by reducing water waste to zero.

Olive harvesting

The harvest begins with the beginning of veraison, the moment of pre-ripening in which the colour of the olive begins to change from unripe green to purple. The harvest takes place between October and November with the use of mechanical shakers that allow us to contain harvest times and reduce damage to the fruit. The olives, which have fallen into nets spread on the ground, are placed in perforated plastic boxes and directly brought to our oil mill.

Olive processing and temperature

The olives are processed in our oil mill within 12 hours of harvesting. A latest generation continuous cycle mill with eight temperature control sensors allow us to produce Certified Cold Extracted oil.

Extraction Technology

Shortly, how we produce our oil:

  • careful manual defoliation that eliminates branches, leaves and plant parts from the olive
  • Washing and rinsing of the olives with filtered running water
  • Pressing of the olives at low speed
  • Kneading for the processing in an oxygen-free environment
  • The two-phase decaner by centrifugal force extracts the olive oil separating it from the olive paste and the vegetation water.
  • The oil produced is filtered out of the decanter with pure cellulose filters

Storage and packaging

The filtered organic extra virgin olive oil is pumped into stainless steel tanks under a head of nitrogen, an inert gas that allows us to eliminate oxidation processes. Kept at a temperature of 18 ° C, the oil is then bottled in absence of oxygen with a vacuum bottler.


Millenario is a medium-light fruity oil, elegant and balanced

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Preèra is a full, medium intense, balanced and fruity oil

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Dieci / Decimi is a very complex and balanced medium fruity oil

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