Bees have been part of our family for many years. Renato became passionate about the world of bees following his uncle Giuseppe, a beekeeper, who since he was a child had 25 hives in his permanent apiary in Molina di Ledro.

It was 1990 when Renato, with his uncle, took 3 hives to our olive groves in Arco to begin his first experience as a beekeeper.

Maso Botes - Mieli del Trentino e Aceto di Miele


After 30 years of experience in the world of beekeeping, we currently raise 200 Carnic hives.

Known for its docility, the Carnica Bee adapts very well to the climate of our mountain apiaries. We make a genetic selection among the families that most respect this character for the production of our Queen bees. Working in the apiary with bare hands while respecting the hierarchies of the hive is much more important to us than productivity itself.

Nomad Bee-Keeping

From early spring to late summer we follow the natural seasonality of spontaneous blooms, moving our bees in the middle of the night in a sort of transhumance.

After years of searching for pristine and pure landscapes, we take our bees to six different locations for the collection of nectar. We start from the Mediterranean climate from Garda Trentino reaching the high mountain climate of the Brenta Dolomites.

Extraction and Storage

In our “Mieleria” we extract honey directly from beeswax honeycombs with the ancient method of honey extraction.

Our honey does not undergo any treatment for conservation, thus maintaining the characteristics of genuineness and purity unaltered.


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