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Dieci Decimi


DIECI/DECIMI: Our top product. It is the first oil that we produce at the beginning of the harvest time, as the name recalls 10/10 = 1. It is born by selecting the best olives at an early stage of maturity, which are harvested and crushed a few hours later with the goal of producing an oil that preserves the balance between the bitter and spicy character of the Casaliva cultivar.

500 ml



Dieci / Decimi is a very complex and balanced medium fruity oil:

  • Aroma: citrus sensations, golden apples and a floral bouquet reminiscent of spontaneous aromatic herbs.
  • Flavour: the balance of bitter and spicy reveals pleasant hints of green asparagus, artichoke and black pepper.


First courses, meat and fish tartare, game meats, pea cream and vanilla ice cream.

Sensory profile

BITTER: 7/10
SPICY: 6/10
FRUITY: 7/10

Technical information

Vintage: 2022
Denomination: Extra virgin organic olive oil
Extraction method: Cold pressed with a two-phase continuous cycle oil mill.
Olive oil acidity: 0,22%
Peroxide: 4,63 meq02/Kg
Polyphenols: 443,80 mg/kg
Oleic Acids: 75,74%

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 0.98 kg
Maso Botes DieciDecimi - Olio Extravergine di oliva Biologico Monocultivar Casaliva