Personal SPA

A relaxed and exclusive Personal Spa ready to welcome you with the intimacy of a unique space and with the warmth of durmast wood. The choice of high quality equipment and personalized wellness programs for your every need, will promote the relaxation of body and mind.

Maso Botes - ZEROBODY Maso Botes - ZEROBODY Maso Botes - ZEROBODY

ZEROBODY Dry Floating Experience

ZEROBODY™ is an unique and innovative system that allows your body to float with no gravity without the  direct contact with water. Your body and mind will live an unforgettable experience of deep regeneration, surrounded by the warmth of water and by soft and coloured lights.

While floating, some specific brain areas are activated, stimulating a physiological response which will decrease stress, with a lasting improvement of mental and phisical performances. Its benefits cover different aspects of everyone’s daily life, from the cure of insomnia to the treatment of chronic pains, from cognitive enhancement to athletic recovery from a hard workout session or after an injury. The ZEROBODY™ experience will be adapted to the unique needs of everyone who will give it a chance.

Maso Botes - Bagno di Vapore Maso Botes - Bagno di Vapore

Steam bath

Inside the steam bath you will find a warm and cozy space. You will be embraced by a cloud of steam, and droplets of water will rest on your skin, thanks to the 98% of humidity. Citrusy aromas and lemon scents will pervade your whole body thanks to the inhalation of steam and a sensation of deep purification and detox will also reach your mind.

The steam bath softens the respiratory tract and gives an important psycho-physical relaxation, favoring a deep cleansing of the skin, enhanced by the use of salts.

Maso Botes - Pioggia Fredda Maso Botes - Pioggia Fredda

Cold rain

The cold rain shower is necessary after the exposure to intense heat in order to obtain a real invigorating effect; the drops of cold water are matched with green LED light and with frozen lemon aroma. It gives firming, refreshing and energizing effects.

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