Bag in box


The Casaliva cultivar olives, harvested at the beginning of November, produce an oil that is versatile in the kitchen and less persistent than other oils.

3 l



It is suitable for the everyday use, packaged in a practical bag in box with tap to facilitate serving.
Bag in box is a medium-light fruity oil, fragrant and delicate:

  • Aroma: scents of mown grass and almond
  • Flavour: pleasantly spicy and slightly bitter


Delicate dishes, and ideal for short cooking.

Sensory profile

BITTER: 4/10
SPICY: 5/10
FRUITY: 5/10

Technical information

Vintage: 2022
Denomination: Extra virgin organic olive oil Monocultivar Casaliva
Extraction method: Cold pressed with a two-phase continuous cycle oil mill.
Olive oil acidity: 0,25%
Peroxide: 5,08 meq02/Kg
Polyphenols: 507,40 mg/kg
Oleic Acids: 75,56%

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 3 kg