In the historic olive grove there’s the so-called Olif de Bòtes, the oldest olive tree in our territory with an estimated age of about a thousand years, precisely Millennial. The name of this oil tells the story of our family and the olive- growing tradition. It is produced with olives from the oldest secular trees, harvested at full ripeness to enhance the fruitiness and to excite the finest palates. Since 2017, “Millenario” is a Slow Food Presidium oil.

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Millenario is a medium-light fruity oil, elegant and balanced:

  • Aroma: This oil has light artichoke flavour and reveals harmonious herbaceous hints.
  • Flavour: Initially balanced with a delicate bitterness and spicy structure. This oil has a green almond and light artichoke flavour.


delicate dishes, raw or steamed fish, vegetable recipes, salads or dips.

Sensory profile

BITTER: 5/10
SPICY: 7/10
FRUITY: 6/10

Technical information

Vintage: 2022
Denomination: Extra virgin organic olive oil
Extraction method: Cold pressed with a two-phase continuous cycle oil mill.
Olive oil acidity: 0,26%
Peroxide: 4,52 meq02/Kg
Polyphenols: 542,06 mg/kg
Oleic Acids: 75,20%

Additional information

Additional information

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250 ml, 500 ml, 750 ml

Maso Botes Millenario - Olio Extravergine di oliva Biologico Monocultivar Casaliva