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Wildflower honey vinegar


Spring water, wildflower honey of Ledro valley and yeasts are the ingredients of this vinegar. Thanks to the action of yeasts, the sugars in the honey are transformed into alcohol, producing mead hýdor “water” and méli “honey”. Left in full oak barrels in contact with the air, the mead begins acetic oxidation by the action of acetic bacteria.

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An ancient method that follows the natural course of the seasons and allows acetic bacteria to transform the alcohol of the mead into acetic acid.

  • Aroma: resinous notes with hints of spontaneous flowers
  • Flavour: pleasantly acidulous, with a mouth-filling and decisive taste.


As dressing for salads and fresh and sweet and sour cooking. Ideal as ingredient in the preparation of fish carpione recipe or for marinating freshwater fish.

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Additional information

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